A trial new website/blog is up!


I’m trying out a new blog location before this one disappears. I was able to re-create and migrate everything over and have been manually working on the format and some new content on the new site.

Check it out here and let me know what you think. Here is the link to save in your favourites:


There’s still more work to go, but right now it’s free and will allow me to either stick with this new one or find yet another one. Blogger is simple, easy to use and I finally figured how to properly set it up relatively quickly, which I’m getting the hang of.

I’m still toying with the idea to just have a static webpage with no “live” blog, so that’s not ruled out yet. No one else that I know of is doing a ‘blog’ like this. Most have static webpages that get updated as needed. Maybe there’s a reason?

Let me know what you think of the new website!



Star Eights Oct. 15

The club had a meeting last week and among a few decisions to be made was the round dancing part while we had a class. Historically, there have been no rounds during the class time. This time however, the club decided that we can have rounds throughout the class hours of the evening if the class didn’t need the break for something. So, you should see an increase of rounds during the evening during our class. This also allows the class members to take their mind off of what they’re learning and dance some easy rounds. Anyways, so here is what we did tonight:

Cab Driver II+1 TS by Hallman

Moon River II WZ by Hartzell

Little Shop of Horrors II TS by Gloodt

Ascot’s Rumba III+1 RB by Kennedy

Laurann IV+2 WZ by Preskitt

Luna Cha III+1 CHA by Scott

Smoke Slow Two Step IV+1 STS by Chico

Fireman Two Step II+1 TS by Eddins

See you next week!

Sunnyvale Squares Oct. 12

Here are the rounds we did tonight.


Right Here Waiting For You V+1+1 RB by Preskitt
Rivière de Lune V+1 WZ by Palmquist
You Make Me Feel So Young V FT by Krol
Lady Marmalade IV+1 CHA by De Chenne
Smoke Slow Two Step IV+1 STS by Chico
You Make My Pants Want to Get Up and Dance IV+2 JV by Hixson
Alicia's Waltz II WX by Foust

Square Dance Doubles:

Mambo Bamboo III+2 MB by Barton + Wrapped Around II TS by Seurer

I Wanta Quickstep III+1 QS by Palmquist + Waltz Magic II WZ by Bassett

Hernando's Tango III+1 TG by Ackerman + Tractor Dance II TS by Seurer

Hello Mary Lou III+2 CHA by Scott + The Poet & I II WZ by Brown

Change Partners III+1 FT by Gardner

See you next week!

Website Ending – What is the Future???

I got the following letter in the mail and then also by email. I will need to figure out what to do with the website contents I have and how to migrate them elsewhere or just give up and let it disappear into the depths of the interwebs…

There are two kinds of information I have on here. Mostly static information like Future Events, Dance Locations and other pages that don’t change or get updated so frequently and then there’s the blog part where each club or dance I do, I list the program of dances that are done.

I can list the mostly static information on our NCRDTA website under my name, but don’t have a way of doing “live” blogging there, so that part would go.

I could move to Blogger, which has the live blogging, but I’ll have to look into the static information pages and see what they have. Anyways, it’s going to be a big job to transfer everything over to another site, so let me know what you think.

There are other options in the letter below as well. I’m not a web developer, so creating my own website is not something I am able to do or maintain.

Here is the letter:


61st Annual Jubilee Oct. 6-8

The 61st Annual Santa Clara Valley Square Dancers Association Jubilee has wrapped up this afternoon. It was a busy and fun weekend with lots of interesting choreography from Bill Harrison, Andy Allemao and Mike Kellogg calling and Sharon & Casey Parker as the featured cuer. They were all assisted with our local association Top Ten callers as well as local cueing staff.

Here are the rounds that were done during my cueing sessions, spread out between the Plus and Advanced halls over the weekend:

Black Horse & Cherry Tree III+1 CHA by Hattrick

Manuela II WZ by Sobala

Angel Jive III+2 JV by Wagenhoffer

Sittin’ On Go II TS by Smith (me)

Pop Goes The Movies III+2 TS/FT/RB by Raye

Carolina Moon III+2 WZ by Rumble

Dancing at Washington Square IV+1 FT/TS/JV by Robertson

Moon River IV+1 WZ by Rumble

Smoke Slow Two Step IV+1 STS by Chico

Last Night Cha III+1 CHA by Speranzo/Slater

Music Box Dancer II+1 TS by Malthouse

Any Dream Will Do III+1 FT by Pinks

Hope to see you at the 62nd Jubilee Oct. 5-7th, 2018.


Star Eights Oct. 8

After a weekend of dancing at the 61st Annual Jubilee festival, our Advanced club is dancing tonight and continuing our class that begun a few weeks ago.

I did the following rounds after the class time was over:

Every Day II TS by Harris

Answer Me III+1 WZ by Palmquist


Sunnyvale Squares Oct. 5

Not much to say tonight other than it was a nice evening to be out dancing. It's always lovely evenings here in sunny California. Here is the fun we had tonight for this first Thursday of October and a full moon.


Sunflower V+2 JV by Tonja
Ain't Misbehavin' V FT/TS by Slater
Right Here Waiting For You V+1+1 RB by Preskitt
Tammy 4 IV+2 WZ by Lawson
Chihuahua IV+1 MB by Scherrer
Au Revoir Paris III+1 WZ by Chadd
Let's Go Hoppin' II+1 TS by Heiny

Square Dance Doubles:

Too Many Rivers IV+1 STS by Hooper + Baby Come Back To Me II+2 TS by Taylor

Tango Mannita III TG by Smith (not me) + It's Four In The Morning II WZ by Mach

My Heart Is An Open Book III+2 FT by Harris + Islands II+1 TS by Slocum

Big Blue Note IV CHA by Speranzo + I'd Fall In Love Tonight II WZ by Speranzo

See you next week!

Star Eights Oct. 1

Welcome to October! It was a busy day today getting ready for a callers meeting and annual potluck barbeque, then off to cue at Star Eights A2. Our class is now two weeks along and doing great! We will accept new students until after the Jubilee next weekend. While we’re running our class, we do not do rounds during the class portion of the evening.

Here are the rounds we did during the club portion of the evening:

Louisiana Saturday Night II TS by Tracey

It’s In His Kiss III CHA by ???

Moon River II WZ by Hartzell – recently selected as NCRDTA Round of the Month

Getting to Know You IV FT by Prow

Dream Lover III+1 RB by Gill

See you next week after the Jubilee Festival Weekend.

SCVSDA Whing Ding Sept. 30

Every 5th Saturday our local Santa Clara Valley Square Dance Association (SCVSDA) in conjunction with the Santa Clara Valley Callers Association (SCVCA) host Whing Ding dances featuring our local callers and cuers. It’s different callers each time there is a 5th Saturday. This evening we had Kurt Gollhart, Tork Clark and Mike Luna calling and me on the rounds. We had a great time and our callers all did a fabulous job keeping everyone entertained and dancing. We also had a 50th wedding anniversary celebration with cake as well as a teach and dance of Salty Dog Rag to celebrate.

Here are the rounds we did tonight along with some requests from the floor.

Spinning Wheel IV WZ by Smith (not me)
Y Bailo III+1+2 CHA by Chadd
Smoke Slow Two Step IV+1 STS by Chico
Rhythm of the Rain III+1 RB by Seurer
It’s A Sin II TS by McDowell
Sam II WZ by Chico
Fiddlestepper’s Polka II TS by Brown

Square Dance Program:
Angel Jive II+2 JV by Wagenhoffer

Come Dance With Me II TS by Smith (me)

Irish Washerwoman III CHA by Buckmaster/Reigel + Sandy’s Waltz II WZ by Porter

Dance With the One That Brought You II TS by Koozer

Could I Have This Dance II WZ by Eddins

Sunnyvale Squares Sept. 28

Tonight was an odd night. Only half the pre-rounds due to a little forgetfulness and having to run back home and get cueing equipment and then come to dance. Traffic was bad in rush hour of course. But we still managed to make good time.
I am trying to find dances that I’ve not done in a very long time if ever so there are lots of unfamiliar dance names on the list this week.

Tangobar IV TG by Moore
Sway For Me IV+2 CHA by Rumble
My Lady III WZ by Lefeavers
Cincinnati Rag II+1 TS by Schappacher

Square Dance:
Angels Don’t Lie IV+1 RB by Baldwin + Foolish Heart II+2 WZ by Tucker

La Bamba III+2 MB by van Den Oetelaar + Dance With The One That Brought You II TS by Koozer

Deep In The Heart of Texas III CHA by Tucker + Pal of My Dreams II+1 WZ by Baldwin

Alley Cat Foxtrot IV FT by Harris + Seven Lonely Days II TS by Woodruff

Y Bailo III+1+2 CHA by Chadd

See you next week or on Saturday for the 5th Saturday Whing Ding.